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The Libermans Company

We are the Liberman Siblings: David & Daniil, Anna, and Maria.

Read About Us in The New Yorker July 25, 2022: Share and Share Alike

We are Los Angeles based futurists, entrepreneurs, and investors. We grew up together and have spent the last 16 years working together.

Most recently, we were at Snap, where we worked on avatars, bitmoji, animation, and product operations.

Right now, David & Daniil and Maria are busy building Product Science, a service that makes mobile apps faster. Anna is currently on a long-awaited sabbatical.

In May 2021, we founded the Libermans Company (LibermansCo), a new type of company we call a People Company. We then signed the Founders Pledge, which states that everything each of us earns of economic value for the next 30 years belongs not to us as persons, but to LibermansCo.

For example, LibermansCo owns all the founder shares of Product Science, as well as the upside in all future investments we make.

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LibermansCo: A new type of company

When we moved to America in 2014, one of the things we noticed were that companies and people were very unequal. Companies seemed to be able to do a lot more than people, take significantly larger risks, have freer political speech, and, most importantly for us, have significantly easier access to capital.

One of the things that corporations can do is raise money by selling shares on the promise these shares will go up in value due to a company's future work. We think this is a powerful model of fundraising, and we think there should be a way for people to access it too.

That's why we started LibermansCo - so that we could receive capital today, in exchange for the work that we'll do over the next 30 years. In return, investors receive upside keyed to great people, not to the latest fad in high-risk investing.

We opened the Libermans Company, a Delaware corporation - with 25% of the company owned by each sibling. We then contracted some of the world's best lawyers and developed an agreement, called the Founders Pledge. You can read it in the Docs section of this website. It guarantees the next 30 years of our entrepreneurial output to the company*. We then started Product Science, our first venture under this model, and, as per the agreement, our portion of the shares in Product Science belongs to LibermansCo.

As the value of our companies grows, we expect the value of LibermansCo to grow. But LibermansCo, we think, is likely significantly more valuable that the value of Product Science, since it represents not just the vast majority of Product Science, but also of our future ventures that have not yet been initiated.

Product Science

Product Science is the result of our decade-long fascination with optimization. As a product, it increases performance metrics for mobile applications and helps apps work faster by providing insights into key performance issues that impact user experience. As a company, it helps us demonstrate the value of LibermansCo. Product Science recently raised an eight-figure round of financing at a nine-figure valuation from some of Silicon Valley's leading investors, as well as our former colleagues at Snap. (More details on this soon).

Learn more about Product Science And sign up for our waitlist productscience.ai

Investments by LibermansCo

We also like to invest in people and companies we find promising. You can learn more about our investments here.


We are big believers in transparency. You'll find documents we'd like to share with you, including our recent 1040s, LibermanCo incorporation documents, and the Founders Pledge, here.

Learn More

You can find some press on us by Googling us. We're fond of this 2018 NYTimes piece on our work at Snapchat. This piece in The Information (paywall, but you get one article for free for signing up) explains a bit more about the concept of People Companies, and investing in people.

Contact Us

The best way to get in touch with us is to send us an email: hi@libermans.co.

This page was last updated on July 25, 2022. (c) The Libermans Company, 2022

* You can read the full list of what belongs to the company by reading the Founders Pledge on our Documents page.